The Closing Begins With The First Photo®

  • Exceptional quality with the right amount of direct sunlight
  • Photographed at the ideal time of day to highlight the home from the best angles and to minimize shadows
  • Accurate & distortion-free: no “fish eye”

More than 150 homes with an average price of $1.3 million.

Four have been the “House Envy” in the Sunday Detroit Free Press.

The Best Aerial Photos in South East Michigan

Aerial Photos and Unedited Video Package: $175

  • High-Definition, Composite Photos
  • Unedited video included
  • 6-16 photos taken from different viewpoints and altitudes
  • Provided in both JPG and high resolution PNG format (each photo is from 2.5 MB to 4 MB in size)
    • PNG’s can be enlarged; they make a great closing gift
  • Delivered via Dropbox on the same day they are taken
  • Seasonal re-shoot $120

Photo Examples (click to enlarge)

ProAirVideos-675 Hillcrest-00005  ProAirVideos-1170 Chesterfield-00001  ProAirVideos-2728 Pine Bluffs-00004  ProAirVideos-19305 Gallant Fox Lane-00060  ProAirVideos-50000 Taylor Street New Baltimore-000004  ProAirVideos-Bill and Cindy Davey-00021  ProAirVideos-5475 Middlebelt Road-00007  ProAirVideos-1390 KIrkway-00002

Video Recording add-on to Photos Package: $100

  • Photos as described above plus edited video (1-2 minutes in length, in MP4 format, with appropriate music)
  • Two versions of the video: branded and non-branded
  • Delivered via Dropbox within 24 hours after shooting


How soon can you shoot yet provide the best quality?

  • The same day or the first “acceptable weather” day
    • Lots of sun: for vivid and true colors, no more than 40% cloud cover
    • No long shadows: shoot between the hours of 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM
    • Minimal winds: for a stable platform, less than 15 MPH without gusts
  • Accurate & true images (no fish-eye): streets, sidewalks, trees, lamp posts, roof lines and the horizon are straight

When & how will I receive my photos & video?

  • Photos: same day as taken
  • Video: same day as taken or next day
  • Via an email from Dropbox with a link to your photos and video

How will you bill me?

  • An invoice through PayPal (PayPal accepts any credit card)

ProAirVideos retains the right to use your photos & video for promotional purposes

Credits for music and ProAirVideos will appear for 5 seconds at the end of your video (per guidelines)

* Emails from Dropbox and PayPal are often incorrectly classified as SPAM so check your spam folder if you do not receive an email from Dropbox within 12 or 24 hours of the shoot and from PayPay within 48 hours of the shoot.

Technology & Safety

  • ProAirVideos uses DJI quad-copters and post production software.
  • DJI quad-copters utilize an internal GPS and a data base of the location of all major airports worldwide.  They are automatically restricted when flying within 5 miles of Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports or within 3 miles of the Pontiac or Flint Airports.  The quad-copter’s owner can set maximum altitude and distance limits for all flights: maximum of 400’ above the ground and 1,000’ distance from the launch point.
  • If communications is lost between the remote control and a DJI quad-copter, it will ascend, fly horizontally to a position above the launch point and slowly descend to the ground and turn off its motors.
  • I adhere to all laws (FAA Part 107) of multi-copter flying and am a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the Drone Pilots Association (DPA): always fly in direct line-of-sight of the aircraft, remain under 400 feet above the ground, do not fly over crowds, use “auto return to home” equipment.


ProAirVideos is owned and operated by Bob Cowen.  He lives in Farmington Hills and has worked in the computer industry since 1969.  Combining his love for photography and aviation, Bob founded ProAirVideos.  Using his extensive experience and the latest technologies Mr. Cowen produces professional quality aerial photos and videos with rapid delivery at very reasonable costs.  He has spoken at the annual MI Realtors Convention & Expo and at numerous WCR and office meetings.  Taking his “How to Get Great Aerial Photos & Videos” class earns 1 CE credit.


Here is a map of just some of the locations that Bob has photographed:

ProAirVideos job locations